Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Stockbrokers Hung by the Chimney? How Fair!

Everybody who has just survived the holidays wave a tinsel encrusted finger in the air. The annual orgies of food and civility are hereby declared over. You can still be gluttonous, but you don't have to share. For the seventy-third straight year, the stores have predicted gloom and doom about the amount of holiday spending that they expected, but they are rather silent since. Now stay there.
I had my worst Christmas since 1973, which means I had a decent day. I am the only person on Earth apparently, who can get through any holiday ever experienced and NOT get wrought up and wrung out over it. All through my life at least everybody I ever met has fits or longer spells of insanity about the nicest day of the year! I have gotten a gift I thought was cheap or in bad taste, and it hasn't caused a strain nor an outburst nor even a snivel yet. The poorly cooked food I encounter about once or twice in three decades(because I plan well!), is just a reminder to hope the weather doesn't suck ashtrays next year as it did this past. I sure want some pumpkin pie right about now.
The next few holidays are Great Men In History holidays, rather than get loaded and wake up in the Aspidistra like some presidents holidays. Maybe we can get a holiday dedicated to effective drunks, such as Ulysses Grant or Bender. We had Lincoln's birthday and Washington's birthday, so they combined them to make Presidents Day and the unions wrangled another federal holiday for Martin L King so that at least 8 times a year the government does what it is supposed to. "Only necessary workers need to report to duty" is a very telling phrase; many in government would like to hear the expression rather less often than we in the pricvate sector.
How many people do we have managing the horseradish or snowglobe industries anyhow? The world is incredibly more complex now that anybody could be Somebody! and the power has shifted to each person from its former concentration on three networks and one or two of the five castes of people back in the 50's and 60's. Witness the whole panoply of different arts, sciences and populations engaged in hundreds of new hobbies and able to talk to aficionados across the globe, instead of the humdrum banality of 1966 politics dissected by toadies in narrow lapels, on Meet the Press and Hope One has a Heart Attack to Liven Up a 'Live' Broadcast, Even Funnier Than When That Horse Peed on Jack Paar.
There are webpages for every perversion, pet peeve, poetic perfidy or alliterative asshole. Networks abound that tie together thousands of fans with their co-enthusiasts, social hierarchies, argot, costumes, videos and you've never heard of hundreds of these demimondes, markets where billions flow that no government yet constituted can control with any effectiveness. We have arrived.