Sunday, December 14, 2008

They Shoe Horses Don't They?

Shoe if you Must...Just Shoe me.. The President has Been Shod. I woke up to a news report of some dipshit shoeing the president at a news conference. I had to rush to the computer to claim priority for the puns we will endure for a few days. Comedy owes much to our collection of mopes, halfwits and thieves in politics. Of course the foreign crowd is even better at times. They have no messy laws against many of their scurrilous intrigues. Here we have a few that are obeyed, and facile judges when we want to stretch the words of our forefathers into allowing things that make them spin in the grave. People who like sausages and politics should never watch either being made. Though sausage making rarely involves dead humans, except in Uganda and Chicago. The inventor of mortadella was married to a woman named Della until she "...ran away somewhere. Go away, I have to finish making this new recipe." Regardless of ingredients, we have more choices about sausages than politics. Happily we don't have sausages holding us at gunpoint so that gangs can strip us of everything we own. As a libertarian I get to lampoon both 'sides' of the aisle when they strut and bombast, take credit for the sun and the stars, rob us and tell us it is for our benefit. The left have spewed such 'liberal' gems as "only the police and army should have weapons" and the right has supported such 'conservative' goals as destroying Habeas Corpus and jury trials. Neither side, when victorious and fully in charge of a city or state, has been anything other than imperious thieves. They install as much of their platform as they can, and the result is that both end up with vicious police states that jail the poor, increase paperwork, 'plan' cookie cutter style corporate neighborhoods where Mom and Pop work for McSwillers and Booger King. Picture Hollywood and Oakland versus Utah and Mobile. Their respective 'leaders' are sanguine and content-they are so busy counting the pelf they don't see the mess they have built. I grant that freedom can be messy and requires that people pay attention, but I like Switzerland and Hong Kong much better than Sweden and Vietnam. At least there is some comfort in knowing that we are actually in free markets now and the government is moot when it comes to most things. They are just good at hiding their weakness for the time being. After subjecting the public to corporate hegemony and the corporations to excessive taxes and interference their one 'solution' is to hand them more cash and hope that things straighten out. Remember that shoes don't kill people, so next time use a gun. Plus they are easier to get, cheaper and when you try to run afterwards the pebbles won't make you go OW OW OW.

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